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We are always looking for attractive products and we create interesting offers. We like it and enjoy it. We want you to enjoy cooperation with us and feel good about it. We take pride in positive interpersonal relationships, based on high quality work.
Our experience of more than twelve years gives us a healthy self-confidence, and it assures us that we are on the right path.

Set out with us. We are your proud and reliable partner on the way to success.


We are an official wholesale distributor of successful brands. We represent both world leaders with a long history in their fields, and also young and ambitious projects. We deliver goods to major sports equipment retailers in the Czech and Slovak Republics and we still enlarge our retailer’s network.

However, the common denominator of all of our products is firm and clear. We offer high-quality, proven, and attractive products that are useful to our customers and bring them joy from the sport.


The world-famous STIGA brand has been offering outstanding products of the highest "Swedish" quality since 1944. It is the world leader in the table tennis field and a successful manufacturer of winter and summer sports equipment.

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A world giant in all sport fields, including martial arts. It offers everything what you can need for boxing, kickboxing and MMA. ADIDAS is a symbol of tradition, quality, and innovative technologies.

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The most prestigious organization of mixed martial arts nowadays, this is UFC. More than 270 000 000 fans all over the world are watching breathtaking fights of the best fighters. We offer official licensed UFC products for training and combat.

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OPRO is the world’s most technically advanced mouthguard company and a leading pioneer in oral protection. The brand brings cutting-edge technology, innovation, and safety to all athletes, at all levels of sport.

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FINIS is swimming brand originally from California, inspired by the surrounding oceans. The main vision of Finis is to approach swimming to the public and develop innovative, high-quality products suitable for everyone, from beginners to top athletes.

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TRISWIM was founded in 2004 in California and is currently the market leader in swimming cosmetics. Specialized products take care of skin & hair and are suitable for active swimmers as well as a wide group of athletes for everyday use.

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WISH is traditional brand specialized on production of badminton, tennis and squash equipment since 1986. Long-term brand strategy is to provide players of all levels excellent products, that enable them to develop their skills and brings joy of the game.

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The young Czech brand SPRINTER is always looking for a way to make sports and relax more enjoyable for you. It designs new and unconventional products that you will use and that will appeal to you, distinguishing you from others at the same time.

SINNER is a Dutch brand that has since 1996 developed into recognized international brand with a diverse range of products for winter, summer sports and lifestyle. You can find their products at the largest global sports retailers and also in specialized stores.

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VT-SPORT is the biggest supplier of wooden sledges in the European marketplace. For almost 50 years has the products gained a huge popularity in Europe as well as receiving the highest accolades for the quality of our products. Special patent for folding the sledges makes the products even more unique.


We cooperate with major sports equipment retailers in the Czech and Slovak Republic and we still enlarge our retailer’s network. Our products can be found not only in more than 140 stores of the largest sports chains, but also in quality and proven e-shops.


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